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If you ask a question - "What is Paris?", somebody will answers that it is the city of dream, the city of lights, that it is the most beautiful and romantic place in the world. There are those who will answers that it is the city of history and culture, the city of high fashion and high cuisine. And of course, Paris has always been the magnet to the most fashionable, talented and educated people. Early morning, bright sun, beautiful boulevards and we beginning our Paris tour. The Latin Quarter: Pantheon - the shrine of the great people of France, Sorbonne - th... Read more

An excellent water park located in the natural surroundings just in 5 minutes from the city center of Lloret de Mar. It is a world full of entertainment, where you will find 29 thrilling rides and the most extreme of them is 260m long: X-treme Mountain - one of the longest slides in Europe. 260 meters of unexpected turns and twists will bring out your adrenaline. And for the brave ones there is a 80-meter tower for the bungee jumping.

Do you want to know all the secrets and mysteries of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona? Accompanied by a professional guide and a headphone set, for better sound quality on a busy streets of Barcelona, we embark on a journey through the narrow streets of the old town and become familiar with the live styles of past times. During the tour we will see the Cathedral, which is truly the pearl of Barcelona. More than 600 years of work was put into it by the medieval and modern architects. The constructions began in 1298 and the facade was completed at the end of this... Read more

Once upon a time, in the Middle Ages, there were knights. A favorite pastime of the European chivalry were tournaments. Only the tournament battle could demonstrate to the public, and especially the ladies, their ability to wield weapons, horsemanship, courage and agility. After all, a real fight usually takes place without witnesses. Tournaments can be a family event in honor of the wedding or initiation in knights of the lord’s son. Big tournaments were prepared in advance and promoter of them was the king or large baron. The Middle Ages are gone, but customs... Read more

Do you want to see an authentic Spain? Learn about history, traditions and culture? You will enjoy this incredible tour which will make you to appreciate this incredible county with all its heritage even more!  The first city on our journey will be Zaragoza, permanently associated with the name of the Great Goya. We will visit the Cathedral, which vaults painted by Francisco Goya, where you could touch the ancient relic - the holy jasper column, a symbol of faith of Aragonese people.

On the Costa Brava located one of the largest in Europe Aquapark-Dolphinarium, Marineland.
It is specifically designed for the full family holiday. There are all kinds of water attractions for different ages, from toddlers (large children's town with many safe slides and shallow swimming pools) to adults (fast waterslides).

We invite you on the unforgettable journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Costa Brava! From the starting point, by bus, we will be heading to Tossa de Mar, enjoying the magnificent scenery. This Mediterranean town is recognized as one of the fashionable European resorts. No wonder, American producer, for the famous movie «Pandora and the Flying Duchman» (1951) selected Tossa de Mar and its surroundings for filming. A famous Hollywood star, Ava Gardner, became so fond of this wonderful town that often came back for holidays. The famous Russian-French pain... Read more

In the Middle Ages in Spain at the site of the old Roman settlements appeared new city, the center of which became the feudal castles. As time passed more neighborhoods appeared whose names were talking about those who lived there: the quarter of artisans, bricklayers’ quarter, the Jewish quarter.
The first center of Besalú was a medieval castle, which rose over the river Fluvia. In 997, in Besalú the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere was founded. To get to town, surrounded by walls since 1447, you have to cross the bridge consisting of the five spans -... Read more